aaron bell


We have notecards available for any holiday/occasion. Just provide us with your personalized saying. Each card measures 5.5 by 8.5 inches and features one of the artists abstract black & white prints on the front. Cards are blank inside with the painting title and a short verse printed on the back. Each card comes with an envelope included.

Title Inside verse
Solitariness Solitariness Solitude transcends quietly into tranquilty
Winters Reality Winters Reality Winters harshness & realism perpetuate serenity
Reflection Reflection Reflecting in shadows creates heightened awareness
Trancendence Trancendence Translucent moonlight captivating & bewitching
Crystal Image Crystal Image Crystalized stillness protecting hidden imagery
Silence Silence Guardian statuesque peaks coveting silent silhouttes
The Challenge The Challenge Challenging the internal recesses of your mind's endurance
Beguiling Beguiling Alluring still coldness beguiles one's attention
Bold Mystic Bold Mystic Enhancing mystical awareness from Nature's boldness


Individual cards $4.25 each
Set of three $11.95
Set of six $21.95

No Minimum Order

These cards can be used for your individual use or given as gifts to friends, family or business acquaintances: given in sets of 3 or 6 will make great gifts.

volume discounts

We also offer volume discounts on all cards. Cards can be mixed and matched like the above sets.

Number of cards purchased Discount per card
10 - 19 .30 off
20 - 49 .80 off
50 - 99 .90 off
100 - 499 1.00 off
500 - 1999 1.20 off
2000 + 1.30 off

The Artist intends to have a dozen in this series style which will be available as completed. Keep checking back for the newly created works of Art by Aaron Bell!